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The Full Story

Impact = Financial + Social Profit

Impact Invest Corp leverages our knowledge of finance and investments to seek true alpha in the form of profitability and social impact. Any time we enter an industry or see an opportunity in the marketplace, we start by asking ourselves the following;

"How can we maximize our investment return to the double bottom line?"


To the extent of the conventional bottom line, which measures fiscal performance—financial profit or loss—by adding a second bottom line to measure a for-profit business's or non--profit enterprises performance in terms of positive social impact. We believe finding worthwhile causes to address and creating business models that provide outstanding returns to the double bottom-line is not just a moral imperative, but also a smart investment strategy.


Our experience with foundations, non-profits, NGOs and private wealth has led to our discovery that in the long run, not only is profitability the ultimate sustainability as financial returns can be reinvested to strengthen social causes, but societal and environmental outcomes also impact investment returns and provide a long term stability which is what investing is all about.


Identify sectors and societal problems in which our think tank of iconoclastic investment analysts and entrepreneurs can discover opportunistic business models. Our portfolio companies tackle societal problems while generating outstanding profits to the double bottom line. We see Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles as the foundation to build assets that deliver long term multi-abundant returns.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
- Abraham Lincoln


Impact Deposits Corp's vision is to create sustainable solutions for social problems.

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